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  1. I just saw the ocr youtube posting about this and came by, but looks like it's closed. Blast!
  2. I didn't know that, what are the licensing issues?
  3. Man, I wish Microsoft didn't hold Rare so closely, so we could see a re-release of these games on Steam. So many games I won't play again because I just don't want to buy another console. I do have a PS4 but it's a day-one model and sounds like a train is coming-- even after cleaning it out. I also have an Xbox one but... well, I don't think it's been plugged in and out of the basement in over a year.
  4. I'm a pro at either battle or Marathon. Let the trash-talking begin!
  5. Yeah, add loudmog to the list of people who are incredible at Tetris.
  6. I'll be working in the Jam Space as of right now.
  7. YO! Add loudmog to the attendees list. I didn't book a room, so I'll be looking into that, and may possibly end up just finding somewhere outside of the area. I'll be driving down from Philadelphia. I've also submitted a general staffing application to help out as much as needed.
  8. I know I've said this before, but it would be great in addition to the @everyone in the main chatroom to have a separate channel strictly (can everyone but you be muted, @Liontamer?) for new posts. I have my phone in my pocket most of the day and headphones handy, and I would love to just reach back and see everything in one spot. I still read all of the lovely comments everyone makes all day anyway.
  9. Hi everybody. I just signed up here 14 years ago. I couldn't remember my user name and password, but luckily, I know a guy.
  10. Same. except i just IRC. I'm not even sure if I'm actually here right now.
  11. Excellently done, this arrangement takes the original, and builds on it in terms of mood, style, and overall greatness. I really think this mix is excellently done, it sounds so.. official.. so professional, so good. Give it a listen, if you're a fan of arrangements or not.
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