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Gauntlet Legends Remix


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I have posted a remix of the "Castle Courtyard" level music from Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy at


I am a new remixer just looking for some tips. Right now, all I think is missing are piano dynamics.

This remix was done in the musical style of Yanni. The mix was originally titled "Castle Yanni" but has been changed to "Yanni in the Courtyard." As if that title is any better.

Any advice will be appreciated!!

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The theory behind this one is good, and it's got a nice groove. But as mentioned, this is really repetitive. That's difficult to solve because the source tune is as well. I'd like to see you try bringing in the male choir part of the original song, not necessarily with the choir, but it really helped break the cycle of the original instead of putting you on a merry-go-round of piano. Great effort, though.

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