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  1. Well, I meant that it's not 'epic' as in this obviously isn't the final battle against the final villain with the fate of the world in the balance. It's probably one of the final villain's henchmen out to cause trouble, if you know what I mean.
  2. I really hate that download host. Unfortunately, I was raised in America so I never got to see all the cool British shows when I was young. No Dr. Who or anything. The concept of Knightmare sounds pretty cool, though. On to the mix... I like this. It has a strong adventure feel to it, not quite epic but certainly exciting. Winds up to a heroic quest, and then suddenly... (1:40) A VILLAIN APPEARS. And things start to get desprate, when... (2:40) Everyone pulls together and manages a victory. Forgive my imagination. I don't hear music like most people and judge ambience versus chords and drumloops or whatever. I try to apply it to a mental picture show. This one fit rather nicely.
  3. Nice. It comes off as a little chaotic, but that actually helps with the arrangement rather then hurts it. You've got a pretty sweet electronica/guitar sound going, I think. Save'd.
  4. Jesus Christ I'm retarded. After listening to it for a bit, I realized. Duh. It's the ghost house theme from Super Mario World. Hence, SMW. Ugh. D:
  5. I'm not sure what the source is, I don't recognize that acronym, but I do like this. Nice, creepy tone but not so slow it'll put me to sleep. I'm looking at you, Diablo 2 OST.
  6. It's very... Uh... Quiet. Kind of mellow and repetative. I could see it in a puzzle game or Tetris or something. Majhong?
  7. I remember when you first posted about this. I still love it. Vocals? That's gonna be beautiful.
  8. Not bad. I never really noticed the music in Duke 3D, I was usually too busy blowing up mutant pig cops and freaky aliens with jetpacks to listen to it. It sounds like you've got something good here, though. I'm no expert musician or remixer, though, I just like techno.
  9. Hmm. Not bad. I'm a sucker for a strong guitar.
  10. I rather like this. It captures the tune, but it's pure Piano. The source song is one of my favorites from Legends, too.
  11. All-time hardest boss... New-school, anyway, I have to go with both Mach Jentra and Great Redips in Megaman X Command Mission. Jentra, at the level I fought him, was so very, very frustrating... He's FAST, and he's a TANK. The second time you fight him (Late in the game, like every other Mega Man game in existance, duh), he's hella-easy. It's embarassing, really. Great Redips. Oh dear GOD. Between his Momemto Moria (Inflicts EVERY status effect on the party all at once) and his Carpe Diem (Depletes all of the party's Weapon Energy/MP), he was really annoying. Not HARD. Just frustrating. Just say you get up to 90% Weapon Energy with X. Great! Next round, he'll be at 100%, and you can shift into the X-Fire hyper mode and whack him with a Charge Collider for STUPID amounts of damage. BAM. Carpe Diem, buddy. NO W.E. FOR YOU! I don't like that guy one little bit. But perhaps the most frustrating part about MMXCM is ... NO NEWGAME+! I am sad.
  12. 4.8 out of 5 angsty bishbots that've killed their girlfriends. Friggen' awesome.
  13. Another pair for you guys to chew on. 'Another' from Another Zero was a royal PAIN. Damn near impossible 'less your timing is just right. Given the game itself is really hard, though, I guess it's to be expected. Then there's Lloyd in Legend of Dragoon. The ... second time you fight him, I think. He becomes a Dragoon, and the only way to beat him is to transform your characters into dragoons as well.. ...Except he's got that friggen' Dragon Buster sword that insta-kills anyone in Dragoon form.
  14. Sigma in X7? X's charged buster shots have more range then him. Just a little bit, but with X you can pelt him from outside his reach. Easy. As every MMX game ever is. But they're still awesome. Edit: Where's my friggen' head? Naturally, I have to add my own idea for toughest boss. Uranus, Bloody Roar 4. She's not that impressive when controlled by a player, but the CPU is bloody EVIL with her. A runner up would be the Axem Rangers in Super Mario RPG. And they were annoying to boot.
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