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Requesting Rock/Metal/Electro Guitar VST Plugins


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If it's to play guitar and looking for a plugin to make an amp, I suggest https://www.tseaudio.com/home for an all-in-one solution. And it's great.
If you want to compose with a keyboard/mouse and have something that sounds great, Zircon made this and Sixto plays the samples https://impactsoundworks.com/product/shreddage-ii-absolute-electric-guitar/. I have to idea how hard it is to use tho, but I heard really convincing tunes with it.

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Three suggestions if you mean a guitar vst

1. Prominy's V-Metal remains the only worthwhile electric guitar VST I've heard and/or used; especially for melodic rock and metal playing. Shreddage is good for robotic djent rhythms and not much else (Sorry guys, no hate.)

2. For little more than the price of most VST guitars, you could buy a real, lower-end guitar and it will sound infinitely better than MIDI sequencing. It's just that low-end guitars usually have tuning instability, more frequent truss rod adjustments etc.

3. Guitar players are a dime a dozen

If it's for amp sims and fx, all of the LePou stuff is great and free. I think guitar rig also has a free version, but the pro version is the way to go.

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