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FF4 - Theme of Love JAZZ BALLAD. (complete?)


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Yes I love FF4, totally biased.

Good style to remix the source in.

So far it's pretty solid. One thing to keep in mind is dynamics. The melodies seem to have the same dynamics throughout. Vary em up for some good old variation.

Also to get a more intimate feel outta this lower the velocity on some of those leads. Make them seem a little softer sounding. Also increase the dynamic range in the melodies that will def give the song a more intimate tone.

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I like the source material for this one, and know it intimately. I have to say that this sounds like a case of trying to get your synthesizer to do too much. That main instrument (sax, I think) sounds so "midi" and piercing that I think it takes away from the potential softness and melodious quality of the piece. The piano background is your strongest instrument.

Now, I'm not saying it can't be done with whatever equipment you're using. That would be foolhardy of me. No, the arrangement is nice, and should carry the piece. But you need a few more things.

First of all, change that main instrument, or soften it more. Smooth out that harshness. Secondly, this piece needs some percussion. Those are my main suggestions.

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