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FF12 -- To the Place of the Gods -- Crystal Path remix


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(I haven't made any progress on my Xenosaga III WIP. If anyone reading this likes the WIPs in this post and doesn't know about my XSIII WIP, PM me and I can link it.)

Here's this WIP:

WIP1 http://escaprism.org/audity/FF12path.mp3

WIP2 http://escaprism.org/audity/FF12path2.mp3

WIP3 http://escaprism.org/audity/Audity_FinalFantasy12_crystalpath-remix_WIP3.mp3

This is halfway inspired by Tepid's recent FF10 mix, Via. I heard this song in FF12 in the Japanese version when watching some video of a certain boss (in Giruvegan/Crystal Grande or whatever it's called), thought it was interesting then, and remembered it right away when playing the US version. I think the original is pretty similar to the original song covered by Tepid in FF10, in terms of mysteriousness, so I figured I would think a little similarly. Constantly changing notes is how my brain works anyway.

The piano is all I ever remember, and the background rhythm, so that's all I really remix, not so much the progression of the strings and such found during the other parts of the song. But since I'm running out of ideas, I might do something with that.

I work in Reason, know nothing about mastering, and just pick samples that sound good. Though actually this time I set up an Equalizer, Mastering Suite, Reverb, and Compression device right off the bat, and basically have each one controlled for a couple samples right now. I should look up some tutorials sometime...

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