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Just thought I'd do some work with the Low Pass filter on my MPC, and rock some chopped up funky drums. Got a nice vocal sample from Greg Nice "Got's To Be The Shurshot" to add in more Hip Hop flavor. It's cool becuase it's a Hip Hop beat that's in the 3/4 time signature, which you don't hear too often. Also, I really went to town with some of these VSTs. I tried to use some of the most over the top synths that were still appropriate for the song. Just a little somthin to nod your head to. Hope you enjoy!


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The samples are pretty clear in this: there is a great deal of sampling from the source. If you were to submit this as it stands you'd be direct rejected on those grounds before it got to the panel, since it violates the submissions standards.

With that out of the way, let's give the track a look through anyway and see if I can give any more helpful suggestions. This track seems like it's missing something. The drums are nice, and the effects help make the track interesting, but it seems to be built to accomodate vocals, which aren't present - this makes the track feel empty overall. The arrangement itself also repeats that bassline throughout, so it's a bit repetitive, to boot. The little effects that you applied to the track were pretty neat, though, and the drumline & vocals sprinkled throughout were pretty slick.

I like the production on it, but it does feel unfinished and repetitive, outside of the disqualifying sampling element. Hope that helps!

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