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  1. Just Tried my Hand at my first drum and bass song. I think It came out pretty good and I hope you guys dig it. Peace
  2. Hey, Thanks man, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, Not sure what happened with the link, or why it came up as an error lol
  3. Yes! The link you posted is definitely the remix! Thanks a lot for getting back to me, I totally thought this post had been forgotten about. That's awesome that you got a music degree from UNM, I wound up majoring in psychology and am currently employed as a counselor, however, I started at UNM as a Jazz studies major and took some piano lessons from Stu McCaskie at the time. Glad you got some enjoyment out of the track despite the drums lol. If you get a chance to merge the posts use the correct link, that would be awesome! Keep that Burque music alive!
  4. Just thought I'd do some work with the Low Pass filter on my MPC, and rock some chopped up funky drums. Got a nice vocal sample from Greg Nice "Got's To Be The Shurshot" to add in more Hip Hop flavor. It's cool becuase it's a Hip Hop beat that's in the 3/4 time signature, which you don't hear too often. Also, I really went to town with some of these VSTs. I tried to use some of the most over the top synths that were still appropriate for the song. Just a little somthin to nod your head to. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Hahaha, Thanks! I'm really glad you like it. I wasn't sure if many people on this site would get into it or not. I do a lot of Hip Hop remixes of video games, but they seem to go over better on Hip Hop sites. I'm glad some people are getting into it from the video game remix culture as well, because I really love video game music! I actually just did a remix of a Mario Party song. You can peep it right here. I was planning on doing a lot more with this but the computer I was using crashed so all I had was this rough draft. Either way, I thought it came out pretty good,
  6. I don't know why, but I love turning video game music into really raw ass authentic golden age hip hop! tell me what you think
  7. If that isn't up to snuff try and get a cheap but full midi keyboard (even a Cassio keyboard at a garage sale has midi in and out). Just make sure you have an audio interface with midi input unless you are going the usb rout. Last but not least, if you don't want to get a decent condenser mic and record real piano, just get Kontact. It uses live recordings of each piano note struck with different velocities and it comes very close to emulating a real piano. It's awesome. I think there are free demos out there for you to try. I highly recommend it!
  8. Depending on the daw you can lay down the patterns with quantize on. If you can quantize with some swing in the notes (60% is a good ratio, assuming 50% is straight ahead with no swing) it will help it sound more natural. After you lay the track down turn quantize back off and move the notes slightly ahead or behind...but try to listen and move the notes so they sound more like how a pianist would play them. Or better yet, how you would personally play them if you could. Also adjust the lengths of the notes and the velocity. And I can't stress enough how much the ratio of swing used for quantize makes it sound more natural and groovier if you want groovy.
  9. I remixed Demon Seed using an MPC and some synths. I added in some nice 808s with a drum pattern for the main loop that sounds like its straight out of 92. I laid down some nice story telling over this one. I made it just in time for Halloween. Sorry I didn't around to posting it till Mid November! I think you'll get a laugh and have a good time with this one.
  10. I did something kind of like this with two Chrono Cross songs turned into some 90s Boom Bap Hip Hop. I think you'll dig it. I do some rapping on it too. Although, I didn't use the Brink of Death.
  11. Yo! I made 2 different songs. One of them called "Flava" is a medley featuring some Chrono Cross remix flavor with a lot of wild record flips on the MPC 25000. To top it off it's a song about a bunch of foods. The other one Is more of a remix of Demon's Seed from Castlevania III. It's a crazy story about going through dracula's Castle. Hope you guys like em. I'd love to see any types of Hip Hop remixes you guys have made. Especially Crate Diggin Boom Bap tyeps of remixes. Thanks and enjoy!
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