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The Mixit Challenge (original music/sample manipulation)


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The Mixit Challenge is a monthly music production challenge in which users pool together a collection of samples, then create songs using ONLY those samples. You are free to manipulate the samples in any way you like -- slicing, pitching, effects, etc. -- but may not use outside samples, instruments, synthesizers, or recordings. Producers of all genres and skill levels are welcome -- for beginners, it is a great learning experience, and for veterans a way to break out of writer's block or push your abilities to their limits through experimentation. More detailed rules can be found in the #rules channel at discord.gg/FRUMyzb

This is not a contest, but a challenge -- there are no winners or losers. If you finish a song, or even just learn something new without finishing, you've won.


The challenge will be primarily focused on the Discord server, but I will pay attention to this thread as well.

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I know this post is old, but this idea is pretty nifty.  I'm thinking it might be better to make "The Mixit Challenge" an actual competition as this IS the competition Sub-Forum.  The idea is pretty cool though!

As for samples, do you mean primarily .wavs and soundfonts (and similar derivatives)??  It'd be hard to provide VSTs - but might be do-able, if they're free.  Care to elaborate on what you mean by "pooling samples"??  Thanks!  

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I don't intend to make it a contest, because a] judging would be difficult given the nature of the challenge and b] I don't want there to be a winner, the prize is finishing and any new tricks you might learn along the way. If there's a more appropriate forum to put this in, I don't mind it being moved, but I didn't see a better place for it ^^;

As for the rules, I hadn't thought of soundfonts, but I don't really want to include that because those would be limited to certain DAWs that support it. Damn near everything can use WAVs though.


Here's the complete rules from the Discord server:


The Mixit Challenge is a sample manipulation challenge. Your goal is to produce a song with a limited set of sounds. The rules are simple:
During the first week of each month, you may submit samples via private message to me for inclusion in the sample pack.
• Samples may be in any format, but submitting them in 44.1kHz WAV format would save me a lot of time converting.
• No copyrighted samples -- this includes purchased sample packs, commercial music, audio ripped from TV/film (sorry bronies), etc. We don't wanna upset the piracy gods!
• Samples may be anything -- synth one-shots, drum loops, field recordings, melodies, vocals, cool noises, the sky's the limit!
• If you don't have anything good on hand, feel free to find some cool sounds at freesound.org and send me links from there instead.
• You may submit as many or as few samples as you'd like.
• You don't have to submit samples to participate in the challenge. Likewise, you are not obligated to participate if you submit samples.
Once the sample submission deadline has passed, I will compile all submitted samples into a ZIP file, which I will upload and post in #sample-packs. Once the sample pack is available, the challenge will begin.
• You will have the remainder of the calendar month to produce a song using ONLY the provided samples.
• You MAY NOT use synthesizers, instruments, recordings, or samples other than those included in the current month's sample pack.
• You MAY manipulate the provided samples in any way you like -- chop them, loop them, reverse them, speed them up, slow them down, filter them, distort them, use them for a granular synth, add ridiculous effects, mangle them beyond recognition -- or just play them as is. It's up to you how far you push yourself and the samples.
• You don't have to use every sample in the pack.
• All genres are welcome.
• This isn't a CONTEST, it's a CHALLENGE, and maybe even a learning experience. All skill levels are welcome -- from seasoned veterans all the way down to kids who have no idea what they're doing.
• If you can produce more than one song with the provided samples during the month, more power to you!
After the submission deadline (the last day of the calendar month), all submissions will be uploaded to Bandcamp as a compilation album. Any monetary donations to the album will be divided evenly among all participating artists who provided a PayPal email address.

The most important rule of all: HAVE FUN!


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