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  1. This is lovely. With so very many official arrangements of the chocobo theme, it's great to see a fresh take is still possible, and this track does an excellent job of representing both the source material and the genre without making either feel out of place. Definitely going on my stream playlist~
  2. Seems like a reasonable decision to me. No one ever types out the http(s) anyway lmao
  3. Fixed a few sour notes, changed a string pattern, adjusted EQ and mix. Leaving up the old version for feedback on whether the EQ is better before or after. https://clyp.it/rfkv2euk
  4. This is awesome Might see about charting it for Clone Hero, I know JasonParadise is a huge FF6 fan >w>
  5. I've always wanted to do an arrangement of this tune, which plays as you and your partner tuck in for the night after completing a mission. A few days ago, inspiration struck, and I developed a swingy lo-fi hip-hop rendition with a more cheerful chord progression. I'm pretty happy with the sound and mix currently, and have a friend working on a saxophone solo for the middle rep where the lead drops out around 1:22, but I'd like to have some extra ears on it before I call it cooked. https://clyp.it/xvmn2ain
  6. I don't intend to make it a contest, because a] judging would be difficult given the nature of the challenge and b] I don't want there to be a winner, the prize is finishing and any new tricks you might learn along the way. If there's a more appropriate forum to put this in, I don't mind it being moved, but I didn't see a better place for it ^^; As for the rules, I hadn't thought of soundfonts, but I don't really want to include that because those would be limited to certain DAWs that support it. Damn near everything can use WAVs though. Here's the complete rules from the Discord server:
  7. The Mixit Challenge is a monthly music production challenge in which users pool together a collection of samples, then create songs using ONLY those samples. You are free to manipulate the samples in any way you like -- slicing, pitching, effects, etc. -- but may not use outside samples, instruments, synthesizers, or recordings. Producers of all genres and skill levels are welcome -- for beginners, it is a great learning experience, and for veterans a way to break out of writer's block or push your abilities to their limits through experimentation. More detailed rules can be found in the #rules channel at discord.gg/FRUMyzb This is not a contest, but a challenge -- there are no winners or losers. If you finish a song, or even just learn something new without finishing, you've won. The challenge will be primarily focused on the Discord server, but I will pay attention to this thread as well.
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