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I want to learn how to transcribe music by ear but I don't know were to start on it. I've looked up videos on YouTube but they didn't help me much. What are some good resources to look at to learn this skill? Midis are nice but I want to reach the next step were I don't need the midis. Any help is appreciated.

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Drop the WAV or MP3 of the song into your DAW and play in the parts one at a time, muting and unmuting the original track as you go. Then, once you have all the MIDI in, it will be easier to transcribe because you'll have piano roll of each instrument to look at when transcribing.

Another thing is to get the sheet music, if available. Transcribe as much as you can by ear and check your work against the sheet music, and use the sheet music to help you out if you have trouble separating the harmonies/instruments.

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