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  1. Didn't finish mine from last year but I'm going try this year. Put my name in the hat.
  2. Made a song but rendering took longer than expected.
  3. What are some ways to improve my mixing as its the area I need to work on the most?
  4. I made a thing using both sources that turned out better than expected. The Jetter source was a weird one to combine with Magypsy Party.
  5. I finally finished something to submit after many non-completed projects.
  6. To be honest I didn't think this song was really that good. It was incredible rushed and not mixed besides some panning and volume adjustments. But I guess it was good enough. Everyone always has something to improve on for next time.
  7. Thought I had more time to finish this rounds song. Maybe I'll post it later. Good luck with the rest of rounds.
  8. Finished and subbed. Turned out better than I thought it would and is definitely rough.
  9. I believe I lost to Gario before in the Castlevania compo so to you good luck and maybe I can do better.
  10. Here are my choices. 1. Freeze Man 2. Frost Man 3. Metal Man
  11. I'm jumping on this train late because I just finished up a summer camp job. What is the state of the competition and are there any spots open or opening up? If there is an opening I'd be interested in filling it. If not that fine I'll participate from the side.
  12. Finally finished (part of) a song. Inspired by things I learned in my experimental music courses like using randomness to write parts of this.