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This is a remix of "Cave 2" (Might and Magic 5: Dark side of Xeen). I originally did a similar mix for PRC. I switched the cowbells for bongos and added an Indian Raga drone in the background. I work hard on my remixes and like to make soundscapes with emphasis on melody, weird extra percussion, looping repetition, and slightly abrupt endings. Tell me what you guys think and how it can be improved. I may also put another mix on here later. 

Piece being remixed (for reference)


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Your emphasis on looping repetition and abrupt endings is the main issue with the arrangement of this song. Variation is pretty much a requirement even though the song you're arranging is repetitive as well. Try to mix it up and do your own thing with it after covering the original melody. You can then return to it like a chorus. Would be good if there was more of an intro as well.

The mix is muddy and has too much low end. The drone is the main issue I think, so you need to lower its volume and probably adjust with EQ. Other issues with the mix will be easier to hear once you balance that part. 

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