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Looking for an OST for my (90% complete) Sonic fangame, Sonic Panic


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Hey everyone. A lurker finally making a post.


So, I've been working on a fangame called Sonic Panic off and on for about 10 years now. I've had some help from other coders back in the early days of SFGHQ, but it's been a solo project since 2010 or so. The game is about 80-90% complete now and I hope to have it finished by the end of summer. 

Mainly, the game is meant to look and feel like the Genesis games as much as possible, with most inspiration coming from Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. In this game, Robotnik has set up teleporters all over the world in order to build his empire in a flash. Sonic and crew set out to stop him.

So far, the game has 10 zones, 8 of which are completed.

Panic Hill Zone (100% complete)
Green field style quintessential first Sonic level.

Forest Freeway Zone (100% complete)
Towering trees, a maze of knotholes and leaves.

Snowstorm Shuffle Zone (100% complete)
A snowy mountain. Get snowboards from the monitors!

Starworld Zone (1 act finished)
A space themed carnival. Ride in rockets and grab onto UFOs!

Underground Zone (100% complete)
The first level from Sonic 2 on Game Gear and Master System, reimagined.

-Secret- (1 act finished)
I want to leave this zone as a surprise, but it's a throwback to an obscure older Sonic title.

Railroad Zone (100% complete)
Ride trains, run along the tracks, blow up machinery.

Eggman Empire Zone (100% complete)
Take on Metal Knuckles, Puppet Tails, and Metal Sonic in a rundown old city.

Aireal Aeolian Zone (100% complete)

Cosmic Crackers Zone (100% complete)

Techno Terror Zone (Only exists as tileset so far)
The final zone. For reasons you'll see later, I need to finish all of the assets for previous zones before working on it. Finale!

And, finally, a recent youtube video (Ignore the crappy quality and odd colors. My screen recorder was terrible):
April 2017 video

Last but not least, here's a link to the 2012 Demo: Keep in mind that the demo is very old. It's outdated at this point. As you can see from the screenshots, it's from a time before widescreen and graphic updates. But, it should give you a sense of what was going on back when I spoke about this project more.

As you can see, most of the game is finished. From now on, I need to finish act 2 and 3 of Starworld Zone and the secret zone. Then, the final zone. After that, it will be an issue of tweaking menus, adding a save system, and a better pause screen. That's all. It'll be finished. I'm hoping to finish it for the next SAGE, whenever that may be.

So, feel free to let me know what you think.

Last but not least, this game only has about 5 unique music tracks. I'm looking for some people who might like to put together the rest of the OST and give the soundtrack an original feel. Hit me up if you're intersted! Either on here, or twitter @mega_spit, or on facebook.

I would need music for the menus, for each stage (I would love to have act 1 and act 2 remixes of the same tune, Genesis style), and some final boss tracks. I think that's all. Any help would be much appreciated and of course I would credit and link to anyone who contributes.

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I'm interested as well! I'm able to do nearly any genre;if someone commissions a song in a genre I'm not familiar with, I'll research it and make one. Below are a few examples of my music.





Also scored a game that was canceled, so I renamed the album and released it as a standalone.


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