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  1. Still sounds a lot like the original with sounds at higher quality. I'm sure you put more work into it but that's what I think it sounds like. I'm guilty of having tracks like that too, its hard to stray away from such a good track. Unless that's what you were going for, I thought you may have wanted to switch things up to the point that maybe halfway through the song people say "oh this is streets of rage". At the 04:00 and beyond I get that and I like that.
  2. Very well done, I've never played overwatch but I really enjoyed this.
  3. Wow great track didn't think I was going to like it this much. Hey keep it as is or keep working on it and save as a different file cause I'm really loving this. Sucks that you can't use ff sound effects, makes me want to use ff sound effects in everything I do (giving square the finger). Sorry I get angry when I encounter restrictions. I love the sound effects I love this dark remix, keep up the good work.
  4. I just wanted to say how cool this is. And I like the ending.
  5. Opps I started dancing to this and can't stop.
  6. I'm thinking tropical house would sound great. Not sure if that's a good idea until I start messing with it.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I really like the intro cause it feels like i'm playing the game. The game starts with thunder and some dude saying rise from your grave then the music. Maybe I can add some layers to the piano and saturate it a bit. I couldn't find the genesis version voices so I went with the arcade. Thanks for the feedback. I'll post when I made some significant changes.
  8. Honestly its not my style of music, but from what I hear I like it. Wish I could be more helpful, keep up the good work.
  9. Working on some Altered beast remix. I'm kinda stuck on what I should do next with it. I may leave it alone for a while and come back to it in a couple of months. Let me know what you guys and gals think. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0tjUIj320E4cGhYVU4tTjI5dWs
  10. I'm working on a remix of the main theme at the moment, its almost finished. I'm thinking of adding a few little things and mastering.
  11. When the stereo sound goes all the way left or right.
  12. Really cool, I'm into the instrumental more. I'm not a fan of vocals in music I listen to but you did an awesome job. Keep up the good work.
  13. This is really good. I wish you do more of this.
  14. lol no shame in it. Most of the things that I see myself and others work on start off not bad but weird, arranging to make sense of it, take out a few sounds add some others and you could have something really cool that I haven't heard from in a Zelda remix.
  15. Oh shiiiiii. this starts off super epic! I like it, for a minute I didn't think I was going to be able to rock out. Great track.
  16. Hey cool tune, I dig it. I don't like when I hear a sound panned 100% to one side. When I hear it the first thing that pops into my mind is my headphones are broken.... Then I realize they are not broken and I start to focus on what I'm listening to. So keep it up but pan slightly not so much in your face.
  17. Hey I'm interested but not sure of what your looking for. Do you want something modern or something that fits the 16 bit era? I mostly remix music but I would like to try something original for a change. Thanks for your consideration.
  18. Oh Snap now that's hot. Yeah big improvement. I could listen to this all day. let me know when you release this.
  19. I subscribed. check out my music sometimes on my channel. Maybe we can collab on something, since we use similar programs. Good music keep it up. I'll comment on your video also.
  20. I was planning on making this into some long 14 minute back and forth battle between Capcom fighters and marvel caracters. I got pretty exhausted and wanted to move on, I left it alone and finished it recently. So that's how it became just marvel characters. Take You For A Ride
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