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What genre of music uses only Sound Effect files?


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I've been looking into a lot of alternative music options lately, like Electro Swing and TechnOpera, but one thing really started bothering me.

Is there a name for using only ingame sound files to make a song?
Examples: "Red Team Wants to Battle" "Battlebeats - battlefield song"

There are lots of things out there, which would potentially include the items such as the "Windows Noises" song, but does this have a category name yet?
I've probably overlooked the name if there is one, but it doesn't seem to be an easy thing to search up, as I'm probably ignorant of a keyword or somesuch.

You could technically call it "sampling" but that feels wrong as the whole song is comprised of this, as Sampling is the action used to make the song, but is it the genre as well?

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Musique concrète comes to mind.

(Except it's not just limited to game sounds, it is sounds and other things that are used to make music that may or may not be considered music to the listener, but then again a lot of modern art music kind of works like that if you really think about it)

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Hmm yes, that does seem to be the root.
Listening to a few samples though... Musique Concrete had no beat. It was just reorganizing sounds by stretching them around to the interest of the composer.
Most of what I'm hearing I had to take my headphones off for. They REALLY hurt. >.<;

"Ligeti - Artikulation" was interesting to watch, moreso than listen (as it shows the patching process). But these seem to be in a different category.

They are undeniably the Parents for this though.

Kind of how an 1890's Ford is to today's cars. Same thing but very clearly different.

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