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Secret Of Evermore - Pirate Theme. Left hand request !

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Hi guys !

I'm a piano player (pretty bad compared to most people on this board) and I'm playing Anime/VG songs. I'm willing to learn the "Pirate Theme" from Secret of Evermore wich I have loved since the very first time I heard it.

The problem is that this theme has tune and percussions but no backing instrument (in fact there is guitar but it isn't in the OSV nor in the MIDI files). As far as I know, there is no "Secret Of Evermore Piano Collection" book or CD. That's why I would like someone to add a "left hand" to the tune and to send the result as a MIDI file or a music sheet.

Here is the song MP3 :


And here is the midi tune :


Many thanks in advance ! And please don't make something very hard to play if you give it a try !

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The song does have much room for advancement. It's an enchanting melody with little accompaniment, a remixer's wet dream.

As for arranging a left hand; I recomend importing the midi into noteworthy composer. It's a simple, straight-forward and free download. Adding a left hand to it should be relatively easy in that and you'll have the benefit of working with it in sheet music form, which, I assume, would be your preference.

Let me know if this seems like a better idea than making someone else do it. (Though I'm completely hypocritical... I make other people do stuff for me all the time. :) )

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