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  1. Since I've ben listening to even more OCR music this year, since I already have food for tonight and since there is inflation and all that in the world, I upgraded my yearly donation by 50% this year. <3 OCR.
  2. Fantastic song and album =) I'm not familiar with the source material but some parts sound very very close to a favorite of mines which is the Irish song I'll Tell me Ma ( ). That's 1'44 in Goodbye, Shooter.
  3. Excellent work and great references (Iron Maiden, drunken sailor songs...all good !). It's funny how the whole song reminds me a LOT of Ian Anderson's work with an OCR touch. And that's a huge compliment.
  4. I enjoyed the Portal ReMix a lot, and now this one has just become an instant favorite. Congratulations to all the people involved except the guy coughing at the beginning !
  5. +10$ in. I think I already said this last year, but there's no way I could ever pay for all the good music I get from OCR. So well, here's your symbolic 10$ as a token of my undending appreciation =)
  6. I've been listening to this ReMix since it was posted a long time ago in the WIP board and I still dig it. Thank you Halcyon =)
  7. Oh god, this track is my favorite one from the Deus Ex Soundtrack and I was listening to it just the other day. I'm the happiest man in the world with this ReMix. Thank you =)
  8. Viking Metal is the genre I spend most time listening to, reading this mix description really got me interested even though I'm not too familiar with the source material. I think the whole thing is great, it sounds like Bathory meets Falkenbach meets Amon Amarth, I really like this ! The rasp Black Metal vocals could have been recorded a bit better though, especially since the rest sounds so smooth. The guitar work is awesome Thanks for making this, I like it and it helps me believing Viking Metal is a real genre that can appeal to a wide audience =)
  9. Hello people. I never got myself into posting around here but I intend to change that because OCR is a great community (yeah, Big Brother has been watching you). There is a good number of tracks that I like and which genre I'm not able to label. I would like to listen to more music like them but I don't know what to look for. I guess they're all jazz subgenres though. Among those tracks : Watermelon Flava http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01411/ Midnight At Club Corel from FF7VotL Darkworld Jazz http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00156/ Terra Haute http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01762/ -Half the B
  10. Fantastic catchy mix, and the original track is one my my top favorite Zelda tracks too. It's going to stay high in my playlist for a while, great job !
  11. First time I ever hear a remix with growl on OCR, needless to say I'm digging it ! And the rest is great too, cant wait for the next one.
  12. I'm downloading so much stuff from this place I'd have felt guilty if I had let you die like that 25 bucks in =)
  13. I joked about a ToF Tshirt in my previous post but I might get serious about it. Would it be possible to obtain a high-res ToF logo with transparent BG or black BG so I can give it to a Tshirt printer guy ? I wish I could set up the whole thing for everyone instead of just me (some websites do "group offers") but I'm not the coordinator of ToF and I live in France (far away from most of you) so I'm not the ideal person for this task.
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