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  1. Since I've ben listening to even more OCR music this year, since I already have food for tonight and since there is inflation and all that in the world, I upgraded my yearly donation by 50% this year. <3 OCR.
  2. Fantastic song and album =) I'm not familiar with the source material but some parts sound very very close to a favorite of mines which is the Irish song I'll Tell me Ma ( ). That's 1'44 in Goodbye, Shooter.
  3. Excellent work and great references (Iron Maiden, drunken sailor songs...all good !). It's funny how the whole song reminds me a LOT of Ian Anderson's work with an OCR touch. And that's a huge compliment.
  4. I enjoyed the Portal ReMix a lot, and now this one has just become an instant favorite. Congratulations to all the people involved except the guy coughing at the beginning !
  5. +10$ in. I think I already said this last year, but there's no way I could ever pay for all the good music I get from OCR. So well, here's your symbolic 10$ as a token of my undending appreciation =)
  6. I've been listening to this ReMix since it was posted a long time ago in the WIP board and I still dig it. Thank you Halcyon =)
  7. Oh god, this track is my favorite one from the Deus Ex Soundtrack and I was listening to it just the other day. I'm the happiest man in the world with this ReMix. Thank you =)
  8. Viking Metal is the genre I spend most time listening to, reading this mix description really got me interested even though I'm not too familiar with the source material. I think the whole thing is great, it sounds like Bathory meets Falkenbach meets Amon Amarth, I really like this ! The rasp Black Metal vocals could have been recorded a bit better though, especially since the rest sounds so smooth. The guitar work is awesome Thanks for making this, I like it and it helps me believing Viking Metal is a real genre that can appeal to a wide audience =)
  9. Hello people. I never got myself into posting around here but I intend to change that because OCR is a great community (yeah, Big Brother has been watching you). There is a good number of tracks that I like and which genre I'm not able to label. I would like to listen to more music like them but I don't know what to look for. I guess they're all jazz subgenres though. Among those tracks : Watermelon Flava http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01411/ Midnight At Club Corel from FF7VotL Darkworld Jazz http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00156/ Terra Haute http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01762/ -Half the Breath of Fire 3 OST (tracks such as Casually or Atomic Power) Thanks in advance for helping me.
  10. Fantastic catchy mix, and the original track is one my my top favorite Zelda tracks too. It's going to stay high in my playlist for a while, great job !
  11. First time I ever hear a remix with growl on OCR, needless to say I'm digging it ! And the rest is great too, cant wait for the next one.
  12. I'm downloading so much stuff from this place I'd have felt guilty if I had let you die like that 25 bucks in =)
  13. I joked about a ToF Tshirt in my previous post but I might get serious about it. Would it be possible to obtain a high-res ToF logo with transparent BG or black BG so I can give it to a Tshirt printer guy ? I wish I could set up the whole thing for everyone instead of just me (some websites do "group offers") but I'm not the coordinator of ToF and I live in France (far away from most of you) so I'm not the ideal person for this task.
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