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REMIX - Kingdom Hearts 2 - Isn't It Lovely

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Hey OC Remix community!

Who else dived into Atlantica in KH2 and was blown away by the main theme!??

Here's my rendition of Isn't it Lovely from KH 2, in more of a hip-hop style! I also threw in a couple of Easter Eggs from the KH1 Atlantica theme, and the 2.5 HD remix of Isn't it Lovely. See if you can point them out!

Original soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8RPJf8t7ag

My remix: 



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First of all I love Kingdom Hearts as a whole (in fact it's one of my main inspirations) and KH2 is one of my favorite games. Naturally I came to this thread and decided to listen to your remix. The positives include; high quality samples, a good melody (it's KH/Yoko Shimomura, of course it's good), minimal (if any) mixing problems, an interesting concept, and using an underrated track.

Sadly the main problem with this remix is that it's far too repetitive, even for me (that's one of my main problems musically), and doesn't progress much at all. As far as I can tell, the piece does the same thing over and over for 3 minutes with barely any variation. Maybe you could mix second piece in there or write some original material for variety. I'm sorry if I sound mean but I'm just being honest and the judges probably would say the same thing (if not more criticisms).

I wish there were more people on here who remix Kingdom Hearts music ...

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Hey @Ronald Poe, sorry I didn't see this feedback 6 months ago haha. I appreciate your thoughts and honest critique!! I'm glad to hear that you too love KH2 (and are desperately awaiting KH3). I definitely agree the song is repetitive for an OC ReMix, but I felt it fit in better with the hip hop style (since many hip hop beats are supremely repetitive :) ). Also, I'm still figuring out what other track(s) to add to fit in with the theme of the arrangement.

Thanks again!

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I think that if you added a nautical rap (most hip hop beats have a rapper adding variety) or a second piece (maybe something from the infamous Atlantica musical or the battle theme from KH1), this would be a fine KH remix that this site desperately needs. I love Kingdom Hearts and think the games are under represented here (most the pieces in the franchise are excellent and many of them could lend themselves to a great remix). 

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Hey man, I came to listen to this as I love any kingdom hearts music, even though I don't like this level as much as the music. And yeah @Ronald Poe hit the nail on the head as there isn't a lot of contrast for over 3 minutes. Some ways that I might go about coming from someone who is trying to do the same thing on other remixes is play around with a new instrument, or mess with the tempo in the B section at :55 or 2:10. For example make that section slower giving each of those chord a grandiose feeling while the percussion starts going faster which leads up to the climax at 1:13ish and goes back to the a section which gives it a sort of progress and a way back to the start. I also agree with ronald with maybe writing some original material could go along with this such as keeping the chords the same and substituting your own melody for a little bit or going going the other way and keep the melody. I can't wait to see what you come up with as it was a good listen all thing considered. :D

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