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  1. I really like this! Especially the dual guitars part at 345ish. Chill is very apt in this remix and it works really well. I'll echo off Voex and say more panning would definitely improve this a lot considering the amount of atmospheric tones in the piece. It will also make it seem more vast which for this piece would be really good. I also wanted to ask what kind of drums you were using, as you could get a bit more variance on them especially the snare, but that might be my ears might be not that great yet at hearing this yet so it might be me. Otherwise I love the track!
  2. Thanks for the input! I haven't worked on this for a while, so it's nice to listen to it again. Yes the rhythm is waaaay off and seems like it never gets its feet on the ground. I think I would go about a lot differently now than when it was made. In time I would like to try this again, but not until I get more experience to handle it. Thanks again for listening Voex
  3. Thanks Mr. Hu and I'll try and remedy a lot of what you said. I really appreciate you listening to this so again Thank you!
  4. thank you very much! I'm still working on it, and there's more improvement there but thanks for listening!
  5. This was a really nice tune. So peaceful and wondrous in its simplicity. What kind of music box did you use for that? I don't know how to make it better, but maybe add another instrument maybe to supplement the chord structure really bring out the emotions of the piece even further. If not, I really like for what it is, and if you improve on it, it would be all the better for it. Good job!
  6. Hello OCRemix! I made a megaman 2 remix of the password theme. I got the idea from my tutor who's helping me out with all things music theory and production. I thought I would also post it here, and see if any of you would enjoy it or have some advice for a budding remixer/composer. What I was going for is an improv session with the source material while trying to go into different places as well with it. Thank you for anyone that reads this post, and hope you have a wonderful weekend. WARNING: I haven't mixed and mastered yet as I'm very green in those areas so please take that into consideration. Here is the original version and my version. You only need to listen to the first 5 seconds of the source material. Thank you again!
  7. Man this brought a smile on my face! I love the second half where you start to play around with everything pertaining to the track and just kind of go off on it. My favorite was at 3:05 where you have those violins adding flavor to the main theme. Thanks for making this!
  8. I love the chiptune aesthetic and the percussion is really firing on all cylinders. I love the first transition to the meat of the track with percussion as it completely shifts my perspective of what was going to happen and made it so much more fun to listen to. I think the only thing that might need looking into, is that my computer volume is really low, and when I started listening to this with headphones, I almost jumped by the sheer volume. Now that might be me, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks for making this track, I love it!
  9. Along with the guys above are saying, You might be able to do a lot of stuff via panning that could add another dimension to this piece. The big is what Saron was talking about is trying to put your own spin on it via the 2nd time it comes up. Can't wait to see what happens!
  10. Thanks I'll try some stuff out at another time. I'm trying to make as many remixes as possible to get better than come back to them after a while when I get better.
  11. Thanks Light_of_Aether for the feedback, and I'll try to implement some of the ideas you had. The problem is that I don't really have great plugins to work with and my skill via production is a lot to be desired as well, but I'll try and do something. Yes that was one part of what I was talking about, the other part was how can it sound like a choir with one person as it would sound weird to me If I did all of the voices for the choir. It would sound like multiple recordings of the same guy instead of a choir. Am I thinking to much into this or would people be fine if it was the guy doing all the voices?
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I'm using the basic FL Studio plugins except for addictive keys for the piano. Yeah I think I could use some layering on a couple of aspects and I do like the idea of adding an octave down in the beginning to give it more depth of phrase. I would like your opinion, do you have an idea of how to record a section multiple times with the same voice without it sounding like its the same voice in a way? Thanks again and sorry for not responding earlier.
  13. Hey OCRemix, This is a remix of the Cipher Syndicate's theme from Pokemon Colosseum. This has been a project for a month on and off as a friend suggested that I should remix this track and see where it goes as we both love Pokemon Colosseum! I'm still very much a greenhorn when it comes to composition and production, and I'm still very happy with what I made and can't wait for people to listen to it. I eventually want to be able to have remix up on OCR and would like feedback in terms of what I could do better on this remix, and others that will come after. I hope I can at least make someone's day with my music. Here is the source: .Here is my take on it. Thank you for listening to a newbie's remix.
  14. I'm kicking myself for not checking the forums right now. I would have loved to remix this.
  15. Hey Juke! I listened to your remix, and I enjoyed it! Here are a couple things that I'll suggest to make it better or stuff that I thought you could expand upon because I really liked those parts. First thing is that from my perspective, there were a lot similarities from the source tune and your remix which isn't a bad thing, but at times it seemed too similar even with the instruments added such as the violin at the very start. I think its that the primary instrument is the same and I didn't feel anything new coming from it. This might be my inexperience as well, but having the same sort of genre that the source tune doesn't do you favors in terms of trying to be original as it feel more like a retread than a remix. Now to the stuff I did like, I loved the the singing. The oos were really pure and made me love that part even more. Maybe you could incorporate that more. Another thing that I liked that took me by surprise was the pan flute. I loved the embellishments you gave to it which made me think have the pan flute be the melody and maybe think in that aspect. This is only my opinion, but I really liked the singing and the pan flute, and I thought everything else was too closely tied to the original. If you want to elaborate even further then msg below, and I'll try to explain myself further. If you go further with this remix, I can't wait to hear it.
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