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RadioSEGA is releasing a new arrangement album!

Ryan Jobson

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Hey everyone! Our friends over at RadioSEGA are releasing a new collaborative arrangement album! This album is really special for a number of reasons:

-It features 12 musicians (including myself!) and some familiar faces from around the community
-I believe it's RadioSEGA's 2nd arrangement album after their 10th anniversary album last year
-and most importantly, this album will help support Special Effect which is a charity that helps people with disabilities play video games!

The album, titled Collision Theory, was directed by the venerable Opus Science Collective. It will be out September 1st! Get hyped!

There will be a listening party on September 1st which will be a special episode of SEGA Mixer Drive. More details over at RadioSEGA: https://www.radiosega.net/news/sega/2017/08/introducing-radiosega-presents-collision-theory/

I'm super excited about this! And you all should be too! Please help us get the word out! The album will be available on RadioSEGA's bandcamp page where all proceeds will go towards the Special Effect charity!



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