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Here is a remix I am spending time on, so far the sequence is coming together but I would like to open this up as a collaboration. This remix is the song shortly after the prologue in the Sega CD classic "Snatcher". I would record my bass for this but I am having some gain or pickup issues that I'm hoping to get fixed soon. I can make a shared folder with tracks set for each instrument. I'll post my latest mix and the original tracks below to give an example. Thanks for listening and your criticism is welcome!

[BPM] Original:120  REMIX:125

Remix In Progress:



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6 hours ago, Vidilian said:

Hope you find yourself a sax player because, as you said, it would elevate the track since the sax parts are so complex and prominent that the vst might not be able to do them justice. Would probably be fine if it wasn't so important to this track. Really like it so far though


Thank you, the remix is coming along with some guitars thrown in. This may sound ridiculous and may take me some time but I may just try to bass lead and remove the VST Sax if I can't find a saxophonist. When it is pieced together I will put up another draft.

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