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  1. This is a remix from the title screen. I don't know what style to call this but I am looking to record a couple of different instruments such as flute and violin. That said I am open to collab or receive feedback/support. Thanks for listening! Original: Ecco Tides of Time.mp3
  2. I like the rhythm you chose to go with in your remix. The violin sounds well modulated.
  3. Thank you! If anyone wants to jump in on leads I'll gladly take applications . Yeah I have to admit the compressor and reverb are a bit too much, after hearing it with 2 sets of headphones and 2 stereos, I was able to pick up on more of the faults with the sounds. I have never successfully collaborated with anyone (and it is due to my lack of knowledge on where to begin and with what resources). Its far from finished and I am looking forward to more input and Ideas. If anyone wants to track on it, i will create stems on my google drive eventually to share.
  4. First off I just want to say thanks to some of OCR's finest musicians for being an inspiration. I occasionally jump on and off of FL Studio, I hit a wall stopping in a lot of projects and don't even bother sharing them. After listening to Zircon, Sixto Sounds, Willrock, and many others I told myself I'll eventually have something somewhat decent. Well anyways here is what I have so far, I have a few things I know have to really work on, the synth at the later half of the song and changing the outro. Please share what you think and tell me whats good so far or anything that comes to mind. Thanks for listening!
  5. It's been some time since I posted an update, I promise this will be the last time if I don't hear any response. I don't want to become a nuisance.
  6. Honestly, you got my head bobbing with what you have shared here. Personally I thought the drums for "The Final Depths of Deimos" were fitting, I don't know why but they give me the BFG vibes. I haven't really heard much Djent, but some of the remixes by Vincent Moretto have made me familiar with the style.
  7. This is stretch but I am looking for a lead guitarist to replace the synth guitar. I will have the stems available soon.
  8. You should make an Act 2! Are you sure you didn't take this from an unreleased sonic stage? thats my way of saying I like it. I agree with SquareWave, some disco strings could bring more atmosphere. Looking forward to hear more!
  9. You have a lot variety in this track. you certainly nailed the JRPG vibe. If I can pick at something, I'd like to hear the drums have more "Mmph", maybe some compressor should do it. For the most part you got a really good encounter song working.
  10. first thought in 5 seconds.. I'm ready for battle! This is rad.
  11. Updated Track: OLD POST BELOW Redoing this thread to focus only on one song, original post is in the quote below, I will come back to those tracks when I feel like it. OLD Choke Point Sweep (July/18/2018) F# 145BPM Sharing my latest. Here is a track I made with no goal in mind. Can't quite place it or relate it with anything but it has a lot of lead synth. I don't know where else to share my work for feedback so I am leaving it up to you. its only 3:10 so its short. I'm still fiddling with the equalizer to find the best tones and I think I may be having ear fatigue.
  12. This is good, it gives a good "Hero with a burden" vibe. Defeat all enemies, prevent the damn from collapsing, etc etc. Are you considering to extend the length of the song?
  13. Dude, I'm lovin it! You have the synths I'm a sucker for! I can't figure out how to get that sound let alone I don't play keys but for some of the tracks I work on you have the sound I am looking for! Are you using a VST to create that sound or is it all direct input?
  14. Solid track! though I can't help it but imagine what it would sound like if there were some Sixto Sounds' guitar tracks on top of your mix. Regardless it sounds like you had a lot of fun making this and it is a joy to hear it!
  15. Hello Goat! I am assuming this is a work in progress, if not please disregard anything I post here. First off you got an epic song here but there are a few things I'd like changed and I know you have put this track up just 5 days ago assuming you have been working on it since. First off the vocals at some parts feel out of key and I know recording vocals can pull your hair, Your friend is definitely on the right path but I would like to hear him bring us into the track some more.The guitars sometimes sound a little too fat making them drown the pads/keys, maybe dropping the mid-tones a little could clean it up. Besides that, I am looking forward to hearing more of your work!
  16. Greetings everyone, this is a short original I am working on experimenting with synths and a live recording of the bass and percussion (Except the drums). The mixing may be a little muddy or too piercing. I would like to get some feedback on what hurts to hear or what could be changed. To be honest I only play bass guitar and will generally work on tracks from other composers. That said, I am always open for collaborators to jump in and throw out the digital doos. Let me know you think and thank you for listening! Draft 1 [9.28.2017]
  17. Thank you, the remix is coming along with some guitars thrown in. This may sound ridiculous and may take me some time but I may just try to bass lead and remove the VST Sax if I can't find a saxophonist. When it is pieced together I will put up another draft.
  18. this remix just made the song clearer for me! Your latest draft (8) is calming at start then throws you back with the loud energy synths. I like this and the transitioning and the solo 3:08 feels appropriately placed. Got me chills.
  19. Here is a remix I am spending time on, so far the sequence is coming together but I would like to open this up as a collaboration. This remix is the song shortly after the prologue in the Sega CD classic "Snatcher". I would record my bass for this but I am having some gain or pickup issues that I'm hoping to get fixed soon. I can make a shared folder with tracks set for each instrument. I'll post my latest mix and the original tracks below to give an example. Thanks for listening and your criticism is welcome! [BPM] Original:120 REMIX:125 Remix In Progress: Original
  20. I would like to listen but your link gives me a "video not available"
  21. I heard it and I loved it. it is nice to hear somebody finally make a snatcher remix!
  22. Very nice. I like what you did at 1:50. good driving music to get you a speeding ticket.
  23. REMIX: Caught In A Web [w/ ShreddingRainbows' Guitar Tracks] Caught In A Web [w/o Guitar Tracks] I am working on a remix/cover of a 90's Sega CD video game or Mega CD depending on where you live. The track was originally written by Spencer Nilsen, He was responsible for many soundtracks in video games and films. The original Track can be checked out above I need a Lead and Rhythm Guitar for this project (the guitar tracks were originally done by ShreddingRainbows, unfortunately I haven't heard from him since April 21st, 2014) but if you got something to offer like drums, organ, slap bass, feel free to join and I can make mp3s with the synthesized tracks out. i am also open to hearing your thoughts about this remix. I am awfully rusty and its been awhile since I have made an attempt to make a remix.
  24. To artists and Musicians, I may need your help on making a few tracks for a short film my crew and I are making. The film will have a Chinese theme and i was hoping that there is a mind on here who can help us develop a score for our fight scene. right now we are using pro scores from video copilot, but our team feels that the song sounds a little serious and bleh. Basically what we want is an traditional Chinese melody to blend into the scene and make it silly. here's a link to our Rough Cut on Youtube. The title is Kung Fuls and we are putting a lot of effort into making it look great. plus if you wish to give feedback on our YouTube link, feel free to drop a line.
  25. First song I made in a while, trying to get my creative spirit back, by doing so I tried to make a country song, but came out sounding like a old blues/rock sound (it feels like it can fit in a theme for a game or commercial). The only thing I know that needs to be changed is the piano solo. your input will be helpful. Dusty Train (2:55) ---------- Another Tune I'm working on that i have neglected for awhile, check it out Amble on Thin Ice (3:11)
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