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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a remix I am spending time on, so far the sequence is coming together but I would like to open this up as a collaboration. This remix is the song shortly after the prologue in the Sega CD classic "Snatcher". I would record my bass for this but I am having some gain or pickup issues that I'm hoping to get fixed soon. I can make a shared folder with tracks set for each instrument. I'll post my latest mix and the original tracks below to give an example. Thanks for listening and your criticism is welcome! [BPM] Original:120 REMIX:125 Remix In Progress: Original
  2. I'm currently looking for somebody experienced in Strings (Cello/Violin), Keyboards, Recording, Programming, Turntables, Experimental/Avant Garde instrumentation, AND/or samples. I emphasize AND because I'm looking for somebody multi-faceted. I don't necesarily need ALL of the above, but eventually I plan on in some way incorporating most if not all of the above. The primary goal is to make quality music that in it's depth can be reproduced live with many layers and moving parts. I don't want to record tracking and sound bite it in a live setting. I feel like that's lazy. Many groups use sound bites in live setting to build suspense/atmosphere or to send a message. We are preparing to record an EP with 5 tracks and plan to have that completed within the year. The group is currently 5 strong: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rythm Guitar, Bass, Drums. I would call our sound "Melodic Death Metal", sounds veining from bands such as Soilwork, At The Gates, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, and Slipknot to name a few. I personally perform vocals and strive to incorporate many elements of different stylistic approaches towards music and conveyance. I sing moderately well, Low end of my gutterals can be compared to Phil Bozeman from "Whitechapel", High end screams can compare to Trevor Strnad from "The Black Dahlia Murder". I have been exercising my metal vocals for about 8 years now. We play in drop "A" tuning and practice regularly. I have scoured several websites for people that can fill this role, I feel that the music is incomplete without these missing elements. We are very serious artists and strive to achieve great things. If you feel that you could be a fit, or are in any way able to help us out, please let me know. Reply here or send me an E-mail at justinjgomez@outlook.com If you want to hear a playthrough of one of our tracks, lyrics or Guitar Pro files, I have all of that on hand. Send me an E-mail. Thanks, -Justin
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