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Need some help getting a "full sound"


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Hey all, 

I've hit a road block on a song I've been working on and could use some help.    I'm very new to music production, so i'm still figuring it out.   I've put together a pretty basic pop song.  

The issue is mainly the electronic part that starts the song and plays in the background throughout.  It seems "Thin" and "empty " to me, and I cannot figure out what to do to get a more full sound.  

The other parts, Bass, trumpet, and violin will be recorded live.  The piano is just a stand in for the vocals.

I want to have a kind of lonesome, very simple solitary feel, especially at the beginning as the lyrics of the song  are about the transition from a very difficult time in life to a new beginning.

So here is a link to what i have at the moment.   Suggestions are very welcome!



(also just realized there's a lots of static in there.  I just need to restart my computer before i export it again, but for the issue at hand its not really necessary.  ignore it please)

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I think the main thing that is lacking is reverb. I literally don't hear any. This musical style seems kind of 80's, Phoenix Wright-esque. You should compare with the following music, and that may help you to determine how much works for your track.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 'True Evening' by WillRock (Listen for the general spaciousness the reverb gives)

Pokemon Gold Version - 'Slowpoke Shuffle' (Listen for the drum reverb)

Some free reverbs that I would recommend are Tal-Reverb 2 and Ambience. You may also want to watch this overview of common reverb features:


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Thanks  for the info.  I'll look into it!   Yeah  I had basically removed all of the reverb because I didn't like what I was getting with it.  I would like for the notes to "ring" more  but the reverb I had on it made the the attack echo, which I felt muddied up what I wanted to be a clean sound.  I couldn't figure out how to get that "ring" with out hearing the attack on the note echoed multiple times as well.   

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The video on reverb is very helpful. I'm still experimenting to figure out how to get the result I'm after.  My DAWs options are also a bit different.  I happened to listen to
this ReMix  the other day though  and  the melody at 3:33  is very much like the kind of sound i'm going for with short notes that "ring" for a while.  Any insight into what setting to tweak to get that kind of effect would be helpful.  in the meantime I will keep experimenting! 


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