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  1. FINAL DEADLINE in 28 hours!!!!
  2. Unfortunately our mastering engineer has had to back out due to real life obligations. We need a replacement!! If anyone is interested in picking up the job, send me a PM! EDIT: 9-24-19 - Crisis averted. We now have a new mastering engineer. The project is still on track for the November 1st deadline!
  3. @Chernabogue Good point. I had forgotten about that. I'll talk to the OCR staff
  4. Thanks for the title translation! That's a good question. Now I'm really curious what they'll use for that sound too. Maybe they will start with the original instrumentation and move into the more, "full orchestra" sound in the trailer. I think having brass playing the melody in that clip was an unexpected choice but I like the result a lot.
  5. I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of this yet, but it seems square is releasing a a new album of orchestral arrangements from Chrono trigger and Cross Here is a trailer A google search for "Chrono Orchestra" led me to an Amazon Japan page for it as well. You know...I've heard dozens of arrangements of Corridors of Time...and yet a new one can still give me chills
  6. Haven't bumped this up for the last several updates
  7. TSori

    River City Girls

    Well, that's unexpected...sign me up!
  8. Update and Official OCR project Status!
  9. Updated above...four finished ReMixes!!
  10. Seeing as you aren't getting responses here, you might want to search "skill/tool: banjo" up in the top right corner of the page and message people who are available for collaboration directly. most people who have themselves listed as available are quite receptive!
  11. New project update for March 27th!