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  1. Seeing as you aren't getting responses here, you might want to search "skill/tool: banjo" up in the top right corner of the page and message people who are available for collaboration directly. most people who have themselves listed as available are quite receptive!
  2. @Sbeast You got it! Welcome to the project! I'll PM you a link to the discord server too.
  3. TSori

    Album Requests?

    As someone who is leading their first album project right now, I really appreciate the above posts, especially @The Nikanoru and @prophetik music I can't offer any advice or experience yet, but I will say before I actually decided to take the plunge I spent a lot of time reading through other albums project threads, both successful and not so successful, to see if I could figure out what made the difference. The biggest thing I drew out of all of that will echo what's been said above. The difference seems to be a commitment to see it through to the end, to be consistent, communicative, enthusiastic, patient, and to strike the right balance between flexibility and organization. I often lead large engineering projects at work, and I can tell you the above applies for those too. So if you're passionate about it, I'd say do your research beforehand and make up your mind as to what kind of director you're going to be come, hell or high water...then dive in. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice.
  4. Sure thing! I definitely have both strong and weak areas when it comes to music. I like working in collaborations because it brings in someone else's ideas and strengths, I learn a lot in the process, it lets me focus on the parts i enjoy most,and for me, it's more fun working on music with others. So that's basically my advice, seek out help from others and use this as an opportunity to learn as well as to create something. Sounds like you're doing exactly that! Also , the forums aren't always very busy, responses can be slow. If you don't get anything for a while, don't hesitate to be a bit more proactive. Most members on the site have musical skills and openness to collaboration listed in their profiles. If need be, do some searching for artists who play those instruments, listen to their stuff and message the ones who you think would be a good fit for your vision. Good luck!
  5. This is a cool idea! I like these very minimal arrangements a lot too. It needs a bit of polish in terms of production quality. The harmonica recording is already pretty good, but there are a couple spots where you may be able to smooth out the performance a bit more. Your keyboard could be improved upon in terms of sound quality. Since you're doing the harmonica live, I'd suggest you just look around on the site and see if you can get someone to record the guitar(?) part live for you to. That would really improve the overall sound, and I doubt it'd be too hard to find someone. Keep working on it, you could have a really nice tune here!
  6. It may seem a bit silly to do this on the first page, but i'm setting a precedent here: New project update in the first post!