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  1. His eyes open! As soon as I saw the title I wondered what kind of ReMix would reference a TNG episode that way. Unintentional Star Tek pun or not, this is a fantastic effort by @suikun. Keep the good stuff coming!
  2. Happy to lend performance skills on trumpet, flugelhorn if needed! and also punny title skills if more are needed
  3. Do I hear a big multi-trumpet collab on the horizon?
  4. Ok I think i've got a solid idea for "Force Your Way" if the previous remixer doesn't want it.
  5. I'm definitely in as a performer on Trumpet Flugelhorn. I don't know the OST, but i hear good things so I'll take a listen to it over the next day or two and hopefully find a track to claim!
  6. I love the feel of this. Its quite charming. I hope you finish it because i definitely want to hear more!
  7. It's hard to not pick an album you directed. I poured a ton of myself into A World Reignited and I feel like everyone on that album brought their A game. Arcadia Legends gave me the chance to do my first ReMix. Personal biases aside though. I have to give a shout out to Reserve Tank: VARIAtions. Watching the community rally around Blind and crank that album out in a ludicrously short amount of time was a sight to behold. it also gave us some absolute gems, among them: Big Giant Circles' "In Your Prime" and Zircon & (then) Pixietricks' Kindred, which is easily in my top 5 remixes on all of OCR.
  8. Glad to see this one up on the front page! Lucas did a such a great job with this arrangement. It's a very unique take on one of the most recognizable and celebrated tracks on the OST. It also taught me how much harder it is to try to do improv in 5/4. My brain did not want to work that way. Fun fact: this is third member of what i like to call the Gondowan Jazz Trio. By some happy coincidence, all three sources tunes from the Gondowan region in game ended up being remixed as different flavors of jazz. Congrats to Lucas on a great ReMix!
  9. @theconsoloist I'll dm you about what exactly we should do with this For public record, I'm double checking with all the collaborators on my track, but so far everyones cool with an OCR submission.
  10. Well, I guess I will submit my finished track to OCR as well if there are no objections. @Chimpazilla @theconsoloist
  11. No worries, Trism These albums can be rough even in the best of times, and with all the complication Soule's situation and the rest of what's going on world have introduced it seems to be frought with problems. If someone else wants to take over I'm totally fine with that, but at this point my suggestion is that we call this project off, let the individual artists do what they want with their tracks, and allow another, hopefully less troubled OST to be the subject of "Paths Less Traveled: Volume 2"
  12. I don't have them uploaded anywhere special but if anyone wants them, I do have sheet music for all of my ReMixes: Golden Sun - Angarian Vigil Golden Sun - I'm Golden, Son Golden Sun - Streets of Tolbi Skies of Arcadia - Better Days
  13. Thanks, man! That's a great description and quite a compliment. A number of years ago I marched down St. Charles Avenue in the Krewe d'Etat parade. Thanks for the reminder! Glad you enjoy the ReMix!!
  14. Veeeerrry tempting. Ill think about it for a while and see if any inspiration strikes.
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