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R&B Jams (Album in progress?)

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Here's a couple of songs I finished. I used a couple of Garage Band loops and a bunch of reharmonization. Hopefully I'll make this into a whole album.

Mr. Jazz Man (This one's more Daft Punk inspired, funky and electronic)

generic electronic track#1 (This one is kinda R&B and electronic)

I've got 3 more in the making at the moment but hopefully I'll have 10 or so.



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Nice! My type of music. I like the first one better than the second but they're both good. The mix sounds good everything seems clear to me. What would make everything even better to me would be to play around with the volumes and timing of the instruments and drums so everything is not so even. It's the same advice I've gotten before and I think it applies here too. 

And yeah, go ahead with that album homie you've got something. 

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