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Undertale-Asgore Instrumental ReMix


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Oh, a newcomer! Welcome to OCR!

Bringing over an Asgore arrangement for your first outing? Good choice - that was a great soundtrack, with this being a solid penultimate boss music track. You nail the notes, as far as I can tell, and I can hear some interesting things done with some of the textures in the background (like the guitar part). Sounds like you had some real fun with this one.

The samples used, are they out of the box from FL studios? You probably know they sound stiff and unconvincing, but I'll mention it really quick once again. I'm personally terrible at handing out advice on this topic (being an oldschool Reason user, I never had to deal with VSTi's), but Zircon made a guide a while back that has some good advice on how to expand your music library on a budget (or free, even). You seem to know how to handle your instruments well enough to where expanding your library will be greatly beneficial (even with freely available tools).

Thanks for sharing!

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