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EarthBound/Metroid/Balloon Fight composer Hirokazu Tanaka has released his first album

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As an innovator who has been transmitting game music across the globe since the 1980s when he worked as a sound engineer at Nintendo, Hirokazu Tanaka knows chipsounds. His illustrious career has taken him from games (EarthBound Beginnings, EarthBound, Super Mario Land) to TV (the Pokémon animated series) to feature films. And now , for the first time ever, he is releasing a complete album under his stage name, Chip Tanaka. 

For two decades, Tanaka has been channeling his singular inner whimsy and his love for reggae, dub, and techno to bridge the gap between game music and dance music. This collection of 13 tracks from his own personal label represents a new creative pinnacle. 
Says Tanaka, whose live shows have taken him across Japan and abroad: “If my music can be divided into ʻfor adultsʼ and ʻfor kids,ʼ then this is the culmination of m y harder side, the kind of game music you hear in EarthBoundʼs battle tracks.” Donʼt miss it!


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