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Building a house with a studio

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So my fiance and I are preparing to buy land and have a house built. The house will not be huge, but it will have a space set aside specifically for use as a recording studio. The room will be 8' wide, by up to 13' long (I was thinking 10' room with a 3' deep closet, but that's flexible). The ceiling will be somewhere around 9'.

Anyway, given that I have this opportunity to build a studio literally from the ground up, what advice can you give me? Obviously the space is fairly small, but I can do pretty much whatever I want as far as building materials, wiring, windows, etc -- basically, the structural planning of the room can be whatever the hell I want as long as it fits within 8' x 10' by 9'.

Either advice or links to useful resources would be awesome.

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What's the purpose of the room(s)? Recording, mixing, production? That will change the answer for sure. 

My advice - given that size, I would consider using a relatively small desk and compact interface, and otherwise treat the room as a recording space. Doesn't really make sense to try and install a whole mixing desk since that would take up like half the room, and you wouldn't have separate isolation space.

Great resource is Gearslutz, they have a whole studio build forum.


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@zircon & @Geoffrey Taucer just to put my two Cents in(and so I don't end up with something I don't want or need down the road) here is what my studio would be used for: Recording both solo(a Baby Grand piano) & large ensemble(60 piece orchestra or choir a la Terra's Resolve: 

...And production and also final mixing and mastering if I can get this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004MVZ4XG/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1L26YXU3DCBW&colid=YV8N589FCNMD&psc=0

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