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Focusrite VRM Box USB Interface ~should I get it Now in an effort to balance my music or should I just wait until I can get studio Speakers

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I had a VRM Box but it didn't really work for me; I found the sound to be a bit muffled and unpleasant to work with. That big monitor you linked is the total opposite and it's very likely going to be a huge waste of money. The most important parts in balancing and mixing are your ears and your taste. Tools such as good monitors or a treated room will help make things easier, but at the end of the day it's those things at the side of your head that do all the work.

My advice: get neither. In stead get intimately familiar with your monitors or headphones. Learn how they sound with other music than your own, listen very critically to them and try to replicate that in your own music. Learning how to listen and learning how to mix properly by doing it a lot is the way to go, IMO, there are no shortcuts apart from doing it more.

FWIW, the stuff above pretty much describes my journey for the last few years. Listening back to my music from 3 years ago, I can now finally hear the mistakes I made and the things I missed. I expect it will be the same in 3 years and will continue to keep working on it and doing it again and again and learn and improve from it. Welcome to the magical world of music :)

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