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OCR03687 - Turrican 3 "Homecoming"


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  • 2 years later...

That there's not a single comment on this is a crying shame, so to remedy that here's my two pence:

This track is awesome. In fact; the song structure reminds me a little of a Meat Loaf song (not any song in particular, but generally anything written by Jim Steinman and performed by The Loaf). A slow build-up, likely with some crooning about a love lost, then kicking it up into high gear with energetic promises of what will be done to win the lost love back, then back to slow for the outro; possibly with words of acceptance that the love will always be lost, but that it's OK to move on. 

Am I reading to much into it? Maybe! But what does it matter, it's all fun and music at the end of the day. And this track really is awesome.


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