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8 a.m. eyes - what do you think?

Pyramid Kid

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Ambient is a funny thing - unfortunately, considering the nature of VGM arrangements (since that's a solid majority of my experience) and the difficulty of making them into ambient tracks it makes me less qualified to give great feedback on an original ambient piece like this. I'll give my thoughts anyway, though - take it as thoughts from a guy who doesn't know much about ambient music! :D 

Disclaimer aside, the production on this is pretty sweet - I'm not hearing anything that offends as far as artifacts, compression, clipping, etc., so at least on that front I say this is great. The mixing is pretty good, too; while the "themes" are suppressed in the mix a bit, I'm under the impression that this is more part of the style than anything. One can still hear things clearly enough, though perhaps the more squeaky texture could be downplayed in the mix.

The one thing that throws me off is the over-reliance on two chords while layering different things over them. I'm not sure if that's inherent to the ambient style or not, but after two minutes my ears get quite tired of those two same chords, and due to the minimalist motion throughout there's nothing else to take my ears off of that motion. Again, maybe it's stylistic, but I wasn't digging the static chords - even just one place where it deviates would make all the difference.

Not too shabby, though; I dig what's here, even if I thought it could use just a little more chordal motion. Nice work!

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Sorry for delayed response and thank you very much for such detailed answer! Though ambient music implies a certain monotony I think you right and may be i should have added other elements to the song. But at the same time i wanted to release some version of it so bad before things get too complicated:-D  

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