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Hybrid Heaven: Boss Theme!

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I would love to see Hybrid Heaven's Boss Theme to be remixed, simply because there is no remixes or remakes of Hybrid Heaven anywhere on Youtube that i can find. Literally. This game is one of those forgotten gems that were created on the N64. And since i have to choose a song from it, i would definitely go with the Boss Theme. The build up is so good! Too bad the last segment of the song doesn't play twice before looping over again, because it's pretty much everyone else's favorite part too. :( lol PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! <3 P.S. The Normal Boss Theme (Fight!) is also good, but like i said, if i had to choose between the 2, it'd be this one instead.

Here's a Youtube link for the Boss Theme (Fight Hard!) 

And here's a Youtube link of an Orchestral Remix Demo that someone actually created for the build up part, just to give you an idea of how it could sound when fully remixed

As for the type of style/genre that would probably work well for this song?... Possibly more epic, upbeat, atmospheric, orchestral, etc. types! Kind of like a modern take, since N64 had audio limitations. I wanna feel badass, with a sense of urgency when fighting a big boss in-game. :)

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