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  1. Did a remix of death adder years ago. Came back to the game recently and thought I'd have a stab at another one!
  2. Havent worked on anything for so long. My old studio pc died and picked up a new laptop recently. Possibly going to try the whole of the soundtrack from this game or pick the best pieces from the various games in the series. Thanks
  3. A remix I made for the Pixel Mixers CV Tribute Album. Used the melody from CV2 Dracula's Castle theme and made a song. Complete with original lyrics!
  4. Probably the best remix I've made in terms of production quality. Super groovy theme, and I do love a bit of Balrog Got a load more SF2 themes on my youtube if anyone enjoys this and is interested. Thanks
  5. I chopped up Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls OST and made a cool beat with it. Added horns, additional string melody, drums and bass. Never done a remix like this before, it was pretty fun crafting it! LazyVideoEdit
  6. YES ITS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES BUT... I wanted to have a go. Also Kenichi Matsubara is a beast.
  7. My track Attack Carrier is pretty much done, but I'm not very good at mixing so if anyone wants to give me pointers I can link Thanks Star Fox Squad
  8. I had this idea of making a soundtrack to a game plot/world/storyline that I have been writing and this was the first track to accompany the story. It's set in Feudal Japan, semi-inspired by the aesthetic of the Shinobi and Castlevania game series'.
  9. A metal remix of Death Adder from Golden Axe on the Sega Megadrive. One of my favourites from this soundtrack, couldn't resist going epic dark metal on it. Original track is below the remix, enjoy! (hopefully...) I am also looking for remix collabs and other music projects, if anyone is like-minded please message me. Original Track
  10. 3 of my favourite street fighter characters theme's remixed in a metal style. Enjoy! Original material below...
  11. One of my favourite games of all time with an awesome soundtrack. My brother recorded some funny footage to go with it. 6 Sonics on a killing spree... I may do more of this soundtrack in the future in different styles. Let me know what you think of it, thanks!
  12. Just found this site, it's nice to see somewhere dedicated to this kind of thing. Here is my remix of Ryu's SFII Theme, I'm looking for feedback. Thanks People
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