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  1. I did go a bit away from the original composition ­čśů Dropping a big Ninja Gaiden medley soon
  2. I dont normally do originals but I had a burst of inspiration. I'd like to think its inspired by classics like CV, Starfox and Megaman. Anyway give it a go and let me know what you think!
  3. A short metal remix of this absolute JAM from Castlevania II. Note the "Simon's Theme" teaser in the outro.... I'm thinking about to a 100 subscriber special concept EP of my favourite Castlevania music (possibly including feature musicians, original vocals and lyrics.)
  4. It was originally going to be 2 seperate tracks but the tempos matched (and also both are very short)
  5. Did a remix of death adder years ago. Came back to the game recently and thought I'd have a stab at another one!
  6. Havent worked on anything for so long. My old studio pc died and picked up a new laptop recently. Possibly going to try the whole of the soundtrack from this game or pick the best pieces from the various games in the series. Thanks
  7. A remix I made for the Pixel Mixers CV Tribute Album. Used the melody from CV2 Dracula's Castle theme and made a song. Complete with original lyrics!
  8. Probably the best remix I've made in terms of production quality. Super groovy theme, and I do love a bit of Balrog Got a load more SF2 themes on my youtube if anyone enjoys this and is interested. Thanks
  9. I chopped up Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls OST and made a cool beat with it. Added horns, additional string melody, drums and bass. Never done a remix like this before, it was pretty fun crafting it! LazyVideoEdit
  10. YES ITS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES BUT... I wanted to have a go. Also Kenichi Matsubara is a beast.
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