Where do I go to ask about an already made remix that is unavailable on the site?

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Pretty simple questiom really, let me just step back a bit.


So, sometime in 2009, a song called FF7 - Acid Encounter (FF7 Battle Remix) was uploaded to a now abandoned and shut down site called VGMIX. The song was by a guy who's username was the African American slang for homie (n - - - a) and the word "bro" put together. Anyways, this guy made a really amazing Final Fantasy battle theme remix, and sadly, when the site went down, so did the song. Eventually it resurfaced on a site called bomb-mp3, and then that one shut down as well.


About a year or so ago, I saw that same song on here, but within a day or two, it was removed and I could no longer find it. So for a good while now, I have been scouring the internet trying to find this remix, but sadly, every link that I have found, leads to a dead end, even Wayback Machine didn't provide any downloadable links.



So, here I am, at the end of my rope, and hoping that by some miracle, by some slim chance, I wasn't the only one that heard of this song, and that someone here can share it with me. Its a really amazing remix, but now it is lost, and I do hope to find it someday. I know I have it stored on a broken MP3 player that I kept, but unfortunately, I no longer own a PC, so I cannot dig into it and bring up files that were once deleted or locked.


So please, anyone at all, I could sure use some help.




VGMix version 1/FF7 - Acid Encounter (FF7 Battle Remix) 4.33 MB

(or if anyone has the VGMIX version 1 pack and can get me this song, that'd help too)

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There's OCRemoved for official mixposts since removed, but it doesn't seem to be an Acid Encounter there. Searching the site doesn't turn up anything by that name either. I think your best hope is that someone who has a lot of mixes from vgmix sees this. Besides this post, you can try asking in our Discord channels, too.

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