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  1. While I continue to edit this, here is the beta concept so far I have going with my song. I'm not entirely sure what I will find to use it with, but I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually. Unnamed Composition
  2. So, I'm a bit of a collector of soundfonts, have a solid 12GBs worth of it so far, and every year, I keep seeming to find more and more that were created but are no longer accessible due to broken links and such. Well, by chance, do any of you have some soundfonts you can share that would otherwise be hard to get or acquire simply by googling them? Just curious because I could use some new soundfont to add to my collection and help me find some new sounds for my original compositions. (Also, if any of you happen to have that Metal Slug soundfont that was posted but now had a dead Dropbox link, I'd appreciate getting it, the guitar rifts and overall heavy metal sound it has is remarkable)
  3. Pretty simple questiom really, let me just step back a bit. So, sometime in 2009, a song called FF7 - Acid Encounter (FF7 Battle Remix) was uploaded to a now abandoned and shut down site called VGMIX. The song was by a guy who's username was the African American slang for homie (n - - - a) and the word "bro" put together. Anyways, this guy made a really amazing Final Fantasy battle theme remix, and sadly, when the site went down, so did the song. Eventually it resurfaced on a site called bomb-mp3, and then that one shut down as well. About a year or so ago, I saw that same song on here, but within a day or two, it was removed and I could no longer find it. So for a good while now, I have been scouring the internet trying to find this remix, but sadly, every link that I have found, leads to a dead end, even Wayback Machine didn't provide any downloadable links. So, here I am, at the end of my rope, and hoping that by some miracle, by some slim chance, I wasn't the only one that heard of this song, and that someone here can share it with me. Its a really amazing remix, but now it is lost, and I do hope to find it someday. I know I have it stored on a broken MP3 player that I kept, but unfortunately, I no longer own a PC, so I cannot dig into it and bring up files that were once deleted or locked. So please, anyone at all, I could sure use some help. VGMix version 1/FF7 - Acid Encounter (FF7 Battle Remix) 4.33 MB (or if anyone has the VGMIX version 1 pack and can get me this song, that'd help too)
  4. Is there a section where I can ask for a song already made but currently lost/missing?