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Guitars : Shreddage 2
Drums : Shreddage Drums
Bass : Shreddage Bass 2
Horns : Session Horns Pro
Amp : Guitar Rig 5

About Section

So a little about this track in particular. My first ever interaction with megaman was the MMX collection for the Gamecube. In that version the tracks were the arranged ones. I instantly enjoyed the music and still go back and listen to it to this day. So it wasn't later that I discovered the SNES version of the OST and again I loved it. So with this remix I wanted to capture that Saxophone and Brass parts of the arranged along with the rock rhythm guitars to combine them into something I thought that it should sound like.

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I remember both versions of this song, nice idea to mix the two styles! I enjoyed the saxaphone, it's a great contrast. The bass may benefit from something being added to it, the one guitar sounded a little... lonely. The treble parts sounded real smooth, pretty nostalgic of SNES days... BTW, I just realized how dang angry Zero looks in that background picture.

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