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  1. Man I loved this game. This'll be fun to work with.
  2. Everytime I work on this song, I feel the strongest temptation to mix other Baroque-style VG songs into it, like Dancing Madly or something.
  3. Did someone just spoil my intended direction for this? ­čĄú
  4. Hmm, a baroque sounding composition with sinister tones? Im into it!
  5. Did I just get rickrolled on The thasauce page????
  6. I loved this spooky compo. Looking forward to the next one!
  7. Great round, everyone did great working with such a short source!
  8. SNES compositions never cease to impress me, I love this song's movements so much. Guess I'm gonna have to shove all the pseudo eurobeat-metal vibes I can whip up into this!
  9. I like this source, great idea to pick a more ambient song to use! I missed that last PRC, I gotta get something in for this!
  10. Some great information, thank you. I'll carefully consider this decision, especially the option of copyrighting. Thanks all.
  11. Good point, I shoulda considered that more thoroughly. Lessee, one thing that I don't know much about is any good practices to protect one's creative property. I've never attempted to put music anywhere on the internet besides Thasauce.com and youtube. My possible scenario of publishing the music on bandcamp and then making a youtube video of the collection. What would be some good practices in that scenario? Would it be advisable to put the content on Youtube? I also don't know any other places to consider putting music. Over all, I really don't want to screw up and put me or my friend's creative work at risk of being in a risky place. Not that I think it'd be worth someone time to steal it, but just wanna be careful.
  12. Me and musician buddy Souperion recently started a pet project of creating a collection of original songs inspired by games we played on the SNES. As we've had a lot of fun doing it, I've been considering publishing the completed work, maybe on bandcamp or my youtube channel. Not with any hope of really making money (as I don't expect that to happen), but as a personal accomplishment for both of us. My interest is in a low-key thing. I'm aware that publishing commercially is a large, multifactored process and I'm only considering a small-scale option. And I have discussed this with Souperion and he's onboard if its something we can do. But before I try anything and put any of this stuff on the internet, I wanted to see if I could get any advice on posting original music like this. Anyone have any experience/suggestions/guidelines for doing stuff like this? I'm not committing to anything yet, wanted to learn something before deciding on a course of action.
  13. Dang that's a cool 20 second loop. I might end up adding too much to it!
  14. Man, that Dolucky song freaking slaps, especially considering it was on the SNES! And good ol' terranigma.
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