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  1. Now it works. Nice piece, I enjoy the progression of instrumentation and vibes, it begins with a dramatic fanfare feel that transistions into a moment of elegance that concludes with that energetic guitar. Good work! I'm curious about the percussion you used in this piece, what kinda instruments are they? It really creates that cinematic orchestra vibe that I've been trying to figure how to define.
  2. Cool, I loved playing Tetris Attack. A real lively source, whatever shall I do to it...
  3. My bonus entry's finished. Y'all got like 3 days to finish yours!
  4. I found it when I started looking into NSF after seeing that I could export a ftm into an nsf.
  5. I'm still learning principles for good EQ and the like. One tip I've studied is to consider starting with subtractive EQ, lowering the volume and levels of instruments to help the ones you're after to stand out without increasing their volume at first. This can help your composition have more "room" in its sound levels. I balance this by increasing the limiter's ceiling on my track and increasing the over all gain some to compensate for the decreased volume. Hope more skilled artists respond here, I could use more pointers myself.
  6. I really look forward to finding ways to expand on the song, and seeing what everyone else comes up with. Also, I found that the midi file was a little wonky, so I created a new midi file to make things a little easier on everyone, included below. Bena Rikashi midi.mid
  7. Nice work, ninja robots! Great music, helpful feedback, a fun time. Now I gotta go pick something for the next round... HMMMM....
  8. Great round, congrats, Souperion! Looking forward to seeing what you pick for us next time!
  9. I've casted my vote. Glory to the Underground Empire!
  10. I check, yeh you're right on both points! MMX5 is on playstation.
  11. Impressive tracks, a real eclectic collection with delightful retro charm. Nice work. I've not heard of a Tabletop RPG getting a soundtrack, now my interest is piqued.
  12. I don't think I hear the sync issue either. Taking time away from a project can be beneficial, so don't be afraid to try that. Listening to the progression of the song, I believe another slow part may be a nice effect after the last movement, like you're thinking. I'm certain you'll find the groove you're after!
  13. I'd like to point out how much I loved this round's theme of robots and ninjas. Just saying.
  14. I was gonna say you worked fast, but then I realized there's only 3 days left in the round! I gotta pick up the pace on my own entry!
  15. I think it's in Z flat minor.... Zork jokes.
  16. I found a solution that I could use, so this post can be considered resolved! I found a work around and got the midi I was after. I used Famitracker to export the file as a NSF, then used a converter to turn that into a (pretty rough, but still useful) Midi. The converter is here: http://vgmpf.com/Wiki/index.php/NSF_to_MIDI in case this helps anyone else in the future.
  17. Great round, everyone, loved listening to everything. I appreciate the win almost as much as I appreciate the feedback. Very helpful critiques all around. Man, I should really study some orchestral compositions... And @TheVodouQueen, the Six Million Dollar Man was my second guess!
  18. This gives me all sorts of ideas. Short, evocative, and full of room for variations! And all I got to go off for names is "Track 8"... Time to Zork.
  19. Made my vote. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  20. The vocal bits immediately captured my attention, the airy sweeping notes make an excellent atmosphere. I love the percussion assortment of sticks and gentle strikes. And what sounds like some sorta metallic toms? Almost aquatic percussion things, I dunno what they are but it creates a lovely, rippling rhythm. The plucked strings give graceful emphasis to the chords and melody. And a great cherry on top, the distant reverberating electric guitar for some variation. Man, I can never hear too many versions of this song! I'd love to see how this continues to develop. You're doing great work.
  21. Woot, four entries! Gonna enjoy listening to these!
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