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Kontakt + CineSamples Problem That I Can't Seem To Fix

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I got this weird issue with the kontakt player and cinesamples that even cinesamples themselves couldn't seem to figure out, but I figure that doesn't mean someone else out there might not know.

Ever since I got their 1.7 update for CineBrass, the Kontakt Player will not play back certain samples in Cinebrass despite no missing samples being detected doing "batch resaves" or whatever they're called and the player shows that the samples have all been loaded into RAM correctly. Like, if I switch off the default microphone position, it makes no sound whatsoever. I tried purging all the samples, and then playing the MIDI controller, and kontakt shows the samples are being loaded in real time as normal, but still no sound. I've checked, and nothing muted is to be found anywhere; hardware or software.

Further, while I do get sound using the "articulations" patch velocity, using the sustain pedal to trigger sustained articulations also doesn't work and produces silence. V 1.6 doesn't have this issue, but obviously I'd like to use 1.7

This problem doesn't affect any other library I own, and I've tried reinstalling everything, etc. to no avail. Very strange. Any tips are appreciated!

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