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Meteo Xavier

WHOA News For PSP Owners/Fans

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Which includes me. Evidently someone found a whole big box of PSP game betas that number more than 100 and plans to rip them with a PSP system and then post them online for the interested to share. I won't post any links to warez, romz or anything else than ends in a "z", but it'll be cool stuff that gives us a look at curios or even get the chance to play a retail game a different way.

These games include:

Metal Gear Acid

Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team


Persona 3 Portable

Guilty Gear XX Core Plus

Final Fantasy crisis core VII

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles

Final Fantasy II

Full Metal Alchemist

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact


My source is here.


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I mean, that's a neat find and all, but I don't see why anyone is really all that thrilled. Just unfinished versions of games that eventually were released commercially. 

Probably a lot of bugs, probably not much fun to play, probably not worth anything (if you even could legally sell them), etc. 

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The dynamic of discovering prototypes not already easily available to the general public is self-explanatory in that its value is 96% academic and curiosity. However, in this case there is a slightly higher chance that going through these archival curios could yield results better than "well, yeah, that's a neat find". I've played some prototype ROMs in my day and I can say there were quite a few that were worth the effort, bugs and weird shit and all.

Further, discovering these prototypes could lead to some cool developments in the aftermarket/rom hacking scene in time to come and I'm a big, big fan of that shit. The PSP is probably the most incredible handheld I've ever owned, beating out the original Gameboy in everything but its lasting effect and legacy, and even more coming out of it in time to come is an incredible potential. :D

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