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Hey, all, nice to meet you! First submission on OC Remix, sweetness!

We just released a Mighty No. 9 remix on SoundCloud that we wanted to share with you all. I know some of you may feel some sort of way about that particular name, but as with most Mega Man-inspired things, the music was definitely worth remixing! This is based on the main theme song of the game, composed by Manami Matsumae. Hope you dig it!

- ichordic



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A charming little piece that almost certainly belies the real mood of robots locked in mortal combat. That said, I like what you've got here. The subtle build over the first minute was good, and it all seems to blend nicely. The percussion's replication of mechanical sounds was pretty cool, gotta admit, and the general feel is that of a smooth, almost dream-like state. Nothing really jumps out at the listener past the first minute's climax, but It's fairly easy listening. I say you: Nice work.

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