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Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2) | Post-Rock


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Hey SlashBib!

I just listened to your track, it is really nice! :) You manage to keep the original kind of desperate feeling of the track with a twist, and I think it's great!

I do have a few minor issues though,if you are open to feedbacks:

  • The first one, i think, is inherent to the post rock genre to some extent. I sometime felt lost in a see of sounds and harmony, and was not really able to focus on any particular melody. I think maybe the issue here is that your rythm guitar is a tad to loud? Maybe you could try to tune it a bit down to leave some room to the other instruments? As I say, it might genre related, and I am not particularly into post rock, so I may lack references regarding the sound you aim for.
  • My second point is about your piano sound. It feels a bit out of place, mostly when it enters at 1:10. I don't know how to explain it. It's like it's totally not blending with the rest. Maybe the sound is just a bit dry? Like it need some EQing or something. It also sometimes feels like it is played at high velocity but with a lowered volume, and maybe it would gain to be played louder but softer, if that makes any sense to you?

But except those few points, I really liked it!

Have a great day!

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I saw mass effect then i saw post rock. Shepard sez "I'M GOING IN!!!"

this is cool, the guitar timbre reminds me of Tears Run Rings

guitar playing is very nice, which i was that good

nice heavy part, wasn't expecting metal in my shoegaze

drums sound nice, maybe a bit too simple, but this is post rock...some of the fills sound a bit weak velocity wise, like a real drummer would normally play louder on fills but your programming seems to have the fills be quieter in a lot of places.  i think the fact that it's obviously programmed takes a bit out, in terms of velocity, when it repeats with exactly the same volume each time, it sucks a bit of the life out of it.  I have a cheat code, normally i play with electronic drums via MIDI and quantize the shit out of it, if you don't mind tons of editing maybe invest in a $400 midi drumset; alternatively, try using humanization in your DAW, Studio One has a MIDI humanizer that can slightly vary the velocity and timing of MIDI events to sound more human and it's great applied in small doses.  you can also try sending your drum bus to a saturation plugin or distortion and mix in just a smidge of that to make it sound dirtier and realer.

the arrangement is really cool. i haven't played the game in a while but i assume the song is from the end part where my favorite character feckin dies because i suck at FPS

the guitar tone is amazing and the mixing is very clear and everything sounds good, so good for you there! i would say this is a real band if i didn't know otherwise

i think the problem with the piano is perhaps it's too dry, it sounds fine tone wise but it does sound a bit dry to me especially with such a sustain-filled song.  i had to listen closely to hear it though based on the other guy's post, since it's a very quiet part of the arrangement it by no means ruins it. that's more of a tweak than a problem.

I subbed ya to support ya


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Thanks for the feedback guys !

Yeah, piano is not an instrument I used often, and I'm still strugle to mix it or to choose which effect I have to applied on it. I used the Piano V from Arturia, and the velocity curve is really weird with this one. At normal gain and default curve I can barely hear what I played and when I turn up the gain a little bit, it start to clip :-( 

After some re-listening few weeks after the release, I agree with you, rhythm guitars are a bit too loud ^^ 

I'm more influenced influenced by band like Russian Circles, God Is An Astronaut or Pelican rather than "traditional" post-rock/shoegaze bands. That's explain the heavy parts ^^ 
For the drumset, I would love to record drums myself, I even have an acoustic kit. But for now, I lived in a relatively small appartment, so I can't bring it here or replace it with an electronic kit. 
It's weird beacause I worked a lot on the velocity, and I used the humanization function on Reaper to vary the timing and re-add some randomness ont the velocity.

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