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Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony


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I'm so bad at creating a topic and putting it in the right topic -- sorry if I messed up one more time :3

For all of you, Tomb Raider enthusiasts, Peter Connelly is starting a Kickstarter ! The goal ? Remaster, re-orchestrate and re-release the soundtracks of the games he worked on for all the fans of Lara Croft who are willing to give him a little help with his campaign !

Let's make this happen !

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Following in the footsteps of Nathan McCree's "Tomb Raider Suite" I see.

You know, I love the Tomb Raider franchise but — main themes and Troels Folmann's scores aside — the games never had very memorable music. If Troels were to ever create a concert tour or something for the soundtrack from "Legend", I'd be down for that.

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