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MM25 Mega Man Rocks missing?


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Hello everyone,

I'm curious if anyone knows what has happened to the Mega Man 25th anniversary album called MM25: Mega Man Rocks that I believe launched alongside MM25: For Everlasting Peace.  I was trying to recommend it to a friend.  I bought it off of iTunes back when it released in 2013, and for some reason I can no longer find it on iTunes or any other music service.  I have found heaps of press releases alluding to the two albums, but none of them that have links, including the publisher's website have any further information.

For example: here's a press release published on the Capcom website for both albums with links.  All of the links for Everlasting Peace still work, but the Mega Man Rocks links are all duds.  I've found a few other streaming or digital stores that have tracklists, but you can't even listen to previews.  This might be the only reference I've found on Youtube, under Capcom's account.

It was published by Sumthing Else Records and has artists such as Mega Ran, Armcannon, The Protomen, and The Megas.

So has it truly vanished?  Was there some kind of legal swamp it fell in to and had to be pulled?

Anyone know what happened?

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