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A Song About A Feather

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19 hours ago, Bowlerhat said:

Thanks! I was thinking a lot about breathing and pulse and I guess indeed also the meandering of a feather as it falls down. Which sounds kinda vague and artsy now that I think about it but it was mostly meant to be relaxing and light as you said haha.

Haha, I'm guilty of a lot of vague and artsy-ness myself (well, maybe not so much with my music these days, but definitely with my old photography and poetry when I was younger...).
It is interesting to think of our natural surroundings and to come up with music that supposedly reflects things, like a feather or breathing. What makes us associate certain sounds with objects anyway?
Sometimes I get a piano sheet with some vague title like "Sand Castles" and I ask myself: "How on earth do I get a sand castle from that!?" (Or something about summer...or rain or whatever) :D Maybe I'll give that a try myself!

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