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I want a Jet Force Gemini OST's orchestral performance to happen

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@Darkflamewolf I'm a bit confused. It appears on the official topic for the project that a few tracks are still not taken. If that's the case, I think some of those (Spacestation and Flume) would be great options to be remixed by the creator himself, as those are the most "complicated" ones (by my totally non-professional criteria), given their atmospheric and, for the lack of a better word, non-melodic nature.

Now, if everything listed there is definitely taken and the list is just not updated, what do you think about rounding up to a 20-song tracklist? Because there was an additional one called "Unused Track" (I downloaded it with the rest of the tracks from Rare's official website maaaany years ago), and perhaps you could offer that to Mr. Beanland. I mean, given that he took the time to answer me on Twitter about an eventual orchestral arrangement, and that he has done something like this on the past, why not asking OCR's staff about the matter and contacting the man in a more "official" way?

By the way, given the rapid evolution of the OCR project, when do you estimate it'll be completed? :)

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Well, if the remixers deliver the tracks I expect on the next deadline as agreed/discussed, we could be 80-90% done and only waiting on a few more tracks after that. So it would take a few more months at most to half a year or more. It really all just depends!

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