4. submitted Princess Ruto (Zora's Domain R&B with Vocals!) (Legend of Zelda)

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Whats up everyone!
I created a video game vocal album called "Video Game Rapper", and this is one of the songs on the album! This song called "Princess Ruto" is a love song dedicated to Princess Ruto from Legend of Zelda. It is sung from Link's perspective. Its a smooth R&B track with a good bassline and has my vocals on it (yes it's autotuned, intentionally)!

I submitted it to OCRemix, hopefully it's added!

Princess Ruto:



I'll post more vocal tracks from the album once I release it next week. I am hoping to submit all of them!

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3 hours ago, ad.mixx said:

Yoooooo I dig this a lot!!!!!! Yooo I dig it!!


A little too compressed IMO, but I dig everything else in it! Also the piano suddenly cuts off at the end is that a mistake?

Yeah not sure why it cut off I gotta fix that, but thanks so much!

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