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ad.mixx is LIVE (SPOTIFY links NOW available!!!!)

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ad.mixx is a corruption of one man, a machine that feeds.

It feeds on his pride, fear, failure, and success


I've really spilled my heart out with the music, and the lyrics. I know I may not be the best singer, but I do know that I put my heart into every line, and sung as hard as I could for you guys. The music moves from catchy, hard-hitting electronic extravaganzas with dubstep influences, to softer, more melancholy melodies with smooth pads backing them. There's even some chiptune influences in a few songs. I know OCReMix loves its chiptune!

The lyrics are mostly me being emo, from dealing with drug addictions from the past - to dealing with depression, and the weight that it brings upon the victim and the people surrounding them. I try to be catchy though, as to not bum everyone out. Please don't be bummed out! Just vibe with the music :)

This is all I have to offer for now. Look out for ad.mixx 2.0 soon though! I'm hoping to get my second project before the end of next year, and it will only be bigger and better! :) If you enjoy this, stick around in the post your original music forums! I tend to post this music over there before it gets out in the public. Thank you!

P.S. I will update this with streaming sites soon. It should be up within the next week. Thanks again for listening.


Edit: oh and i don't know if this goes without saying, but any feedback on music, vocal performances, production is very welcome ^.^ 



BIG EDIT: I've realized that bandcamp was only allowing people to stream 3 songs before having to stop. I have fixed that. Also the spotify link is now up! It should also be available on any streaming platform you use. Thank you for listening! Feel free to drop a comment below.

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