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Rare Remixes of Megaman / Rockman 3


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Hello Djpretzel and all remixers,

Please forgive me if this is not posted in the correct forum.

Firstly, thank you for all you have done for the human race by bringing OCREMIX to our lives.

Secondly, in the early 2000s, when there was no OCREMIX, there were some remixes that were available online.

I have 3 such remixes that are attributed to "Brendan#1" at http://mp3.com/BrendanNumberOn

I think it is made by the drummer of Fugazi, Brendan Canty as the group has a song called "Brendan #1."  Also, listening to some of there work, it seems like the styles may be similar, but I am not a musician and only one who can appreciate music rather than you and the community of remixers who analyze and create music.

Would it be possible to somehow post these remixes to OCREMIX?  I think fellow Megaman / Rockman 3 fans would enjoy these remixes.  Also, would any of you be able find any means of verifying the true author and giving them credit where it is due?

I have mp3 files of these songs, but I made video files to upload to youtube and send to you.

Spark Man:

Top Man:

Snake Man:

Again, humble thanks to all of you from a long time fan.



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Unfortunately, no matter how good a song it, you can't upload it on someone else's behalf. As per the Submissions Guidelines:



2. Ownership

2. Only submit works which you yourself participated in the creation of; do not submit on behalf of others.


If you could get Brendan's contact information and either get his permission or convince him to submit it to OCR then that would be another story, but we don't accept submissions on other people's behalf. As a judge, I'm going to add that these wouldn't be up to OCR's current quality standard, due to the conservative nature of the arrangements. I mean no offense on that; Brendan didn't submit them, so it's perfectly fine for what it is - it's just something we couldn't post on here regardless. But yeah, please don't upload other people's submissions; if people catch that their music had been uploaded on our site without their permission it can make the original author upset, and possibly lead to DjP being forced to take the music down later, which is a hassle.


Thank you for asking. :)

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